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Rostov-on-Don is a city in the South of Russia founded in 1749. Rostov-on-Don is often informally called “The Gates of the Caucasus” or “The Southern Capital of Russia”. The city is a large administrative, cultural, scientific, industrial, and important traffic centre.

This is a region of a rich and glorious history, lavish nature, and talented and hospitable people. Having such a strong historical and cultural heritage, the Donskoy region is one of the most attractive places for tourism in Russia.

The major part of Rostov-on-Don is situated on the right bank of the river Don, while on the left bank there are some industrial plants and many places for entertainment. The frontier between Europe and Asia passes through Rostov – the left bank of the Don refers to Asia and the right to Europe.


  • Novocherkassk


  • Starocherkassk


  • Taganrog


  • Asov


The School

Our school offers all our students a study travel experience which is truly unique and exceptional in many ways. Thanks to well-qualified teaching staff, a dynamic and well-organized social programme and a personalized and friendly service you can focus on improving your Russian Language skills in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Student Computers
Students in class
Average 10 (max 12)

School Facilities

  • Student lounge
  • IT lounge
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Outside courtyard
  • Self study room



Rostov residence consists of two buildings: for learning and for living. Both buildings are located near each other, so that students will not spend too much time to get to school and back housing. Our residence is located at the very center of the city.

Max capacity - 60 people.

Our residence is encompassed with great atmosphere, efficient security and other useful facilities. Staying in our hostel may cost you less while providing a resourceful and convenient environment.

Student rooms

There is a wide range of rooms in the residence (available choices for 1 bed, 2 bed, 4 bed and 6 bed rooms).

All rooms are separated, have comfortable beds and well lit.


There is a dining room for students and school staff on its first floor.


There is a dining room for students and school staff on its first floor.


Social Programme

The programme of activities and outings will help you to discover Russian culture and the festive atmosphere of Rostov region. It is the ideal complement to a Russian language course and gives you the chance to practice Russian in everyday situations, find out what Russia and its culture are look like and get to know its people.


  • The celebration of various folk festivals such as: Mardi Gras, St. George's Day, and the native festivals of Russia to which we hope to introduce our students;
  • The organization of culinary events, for our students to taste the varied and historic traditional dishes of Russia;
  • Saturday discussion club. We will discuss and debate various issues that affect both Russia and the rest of the world;
  • The Russian Cinema Society, to help our students develop a deeper understanding of the Russian mentality;
  • We play together modern intellectual games ("crocodile”, monopoly, cashflow and Mafia) ;
  • Outdoor parties in Summer. Organized tours about the villages and towns of the Don Region. Especially popular is the birthplace of the great Russian writer- Chekhov, Taganrog City, and Sholokhov’s native land – the village Veshenskaya, as well as the historical capital of the Don Cossacks - Novocherkassk.

Our Courses

Our language courses are designed for students who have different levels of Russian, from elementary to advanced