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«Mir bez Granits» is an educational institution of supplementary education which realizes educational, scientific, social programmes and activities

We are the official representatives of the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute


  • Language courses (Russian as a foreign language, English);
  • Texts and documents official translation;
  • Social projects realization;
  • Russian language certification testing

“Mir bez granits” is one of the biggest Russian language learning centrer in the South of Russia.

Thanks to well-qualified teaching staff, a dynamic and well-organized social programme and a personalized and friendly service you can focus on improving your Russian Language skills in a relaxed and friendly environment.

To maximize your learning opportunities, you are exposed to language in use in natural and authentic contexts, we give activities with real communicative value. Our class sizes are small and that our students leave having gained the maximum from their time with us.

Our licenced courses have been successfully passed by many students from Great Britain, Turkey, the USA, Portugal, Italy, France, Romanian, Germany and Poland, Vietnam, China and Thailand. After finishing these courses students are given the certificate of European level. It is worthwhile saying that we strive not only to teach, but also to make educational process more interesting and exciting for our students. That is why we offer courses for realizing creative skills and fully immersion in Russian culture.

Our school provides support for visa application and help our students to enter the best universities of the South of Russia.

We have 10 local testcenters in Russia. In this way, we have a great experience with foreign students teaching.

Meet our team

All of our teachers hold teaching qualifications ranging from certificate to diploma level and are committed to continuous development and share our passion for learning with our students.

  • Trunyan Gayk Ruslanovic

    Trunyan Gayk Ruslanovic


    The Founder and the director of Autonomous Nonprofit Organization Of Additional Education "Mir bez granits" - Trunyan Gayk Ruslanovich, candidate of sociological sciences, docent, honorary professor, a leading expert in the field of migration control in southern Russia, author of the project "Social adaptation and integration of migrants in the city of Rostov-on-Don ".

  • Trunyan Elizabeth Ruslanovna

    Trunyan Elizabeth Ruslanovna


    Trunyan Elizabeth Ruslanovna - administrator of Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Mir bez granits", a specialist in working with migrants and ethnic relations.